Highlights from the ITS Euskadi Congress 2023

ITS Euskadi Congress 2023 poster

The ITS Euskadi Congress 2023 represented a significant milestone in the ongoing discourse on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and their influence on the future of mobility. Held on November 17th, 2023, in Bilbao, Spain, the congress served as a gathering point for policymakers, industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders discussing the evolution of automated and connected driving in Euskadi.

With a total of 180 specialists participating, the event covered diverse topics pivotal to the industry. Sessions addressed connected mobility, envisioning a future where all new vehicles could be connected by 2030, emphasizing the need to adapt to evolving user behaviors. Public transport was highlighted with discussions on innovative projects supporting electric and connected vehicles, aiming at efficient data exploitation and passenger safety. Infrastructure discussions focused on technological advancements, such as digital twin models for road maintenance and the transformative potential of intelligent infrastructures in the age of connected vehicles. Safety was a focal point, concluding with insights into programs enhancing workplace travel safety.

Complementing these discussions, the event featured a driving simulator by Tecnalia, showcasing the proactive capabilities of autonomous driving systems. The presented ADAS capabilities aimed to show advanced safety and enhanced interaction between the driver and the automation, under the umbrella of the AWARE2ALL project. Tecnalia presented their state-of-the-art driving simulator, offering participants an immersive experience with advanced driving assistance systems, particularly in responding to emergency scenarios.

Figure 1 Deputy Mayor for Mobility of the City Council of Bilbao testing the ADAS.

Figure 2 Driving simulator brought by Tecnalia to show the advances in the AWARE2ALL project.

The scenarios where focused on a corrective maneuver avoiding a dangerous overtake, and an evasive maneuver, avoiding an incoming motorbike. The engagement with the simulator gathered positive feedback from those who tried it.

Beyond Tecnalia's showcase, the rest of the topics were presented through 11 speeches encompassing the previously mentioned topics like sustainability, technological advancements, and road safety. The event acted as a platform for industry players and stakeholders to explore the latest sector-specific developments and pioneering projects shaping the future of transportation.

Organized by the Mobility and Logistics cluster of Euskadi, the ITS Euskadi Congress has become an essential annual event in the region, bringing together experts, discussing innovations, and setting the direction for advancements in mobility and transport technologies within the Basque Country.

As technology continues to revolutionize the way we navigate and optimize mobility, the ITS Euskadi Congress serves as a guiding example, highlighting the transformative potential and significance of intelligent transport systems in shaping the future of transportation.

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